Concept Application Instructions (HTML)

The online application form amounts to about 3 written pages of text. The following instructions will help you prepare before filling out the form.

Q1: Project Name – Name of Project

Q2: Organization Overview – What do your organization’s programs and projects accomplish and for whom?

Q3: Organization Strengths – What is your organization’s unique identity, strength or distinctive ability?

Q4: Organization Achievements – What was the most important thing your organization achieved in the past year?

Q5: Problem Summary  – What specific challenge, problem, or question will your intervention help resolve?

Q6: Project Goals – What are you ultimately trying to accomplish with this project or program?

Q7: Project Activities and Outcomes – What are your proposed project activities and expected outcomes?

Q8: Target Population – What people and/or organizations will benefit the most from this project?

Q9: Innovative Approach – What is innovative, distinctive, creative, new or different about the way you are tackling this problem relative to other approaches?

Q10: Training Activities – Who will you train, what will they learn, and how much training will they receive?

Q11: Collaboration – What other organizations are your key collaborators on this project and what will they do?

Q12: Project Leaders – Who are the key team members that will lead this project and how are they qualified to do so?

Q13: Grant Period – When will this work begin and end in terms of this particular grant?

Q14: Grant Request – How many U.S. dollars do you seek from the foundation?

Q15: Project Budget – How much will your project cost for one year?

Q16: Budget Summary – What are the main things this grant will help pay for?

Q17: Total Funds Raised or Pledged – How many dollars do you already have in hand to support the project, and how many dollars have been pledged or committed by other donors at the time you submit the application? Please enter the total dollar amount, and if you have no money raised to support the project enter a zero on this line.

Q18: Organization Type – What type of organization are you?

  • non-governmental (NGO) or nonprofit organization
  • a registered charity or public trust in your country
  • school, college, university, academic or other research institution

Q19: Organizational Budget – What is your organization’s projected annual budget for the year?

June 25 2017 08:29 pm