Concept Application Instructions (HTML)

The on-line application form amounts to about 3 written pages of text. The following instructions will help you prepare before filling out the form.

Q1: Project Name – Name of Project

Q2: 1. Organizational Budget – Provide the total amount in U.S. dollars. List the dollar amount of your
current budget or the budget for your next fiscal year. If the applicant is a university, please indicate the total annual department budget in U.S. dollars. This dollar figure helps the review committee identify the approximate size of the organization. You do not need to submit a spreadsheet of an entire organizational budget at this stage.

Q3: 2. Project Budget – Enter the U.S. dollar amount of your total project budget.

Q4: 3. Total Funds Raised or Pledged – Enter the total dollar amount of cash you have in the bank for the project plus funds that other donors have pledged or committed to the project at the time you submit the application. If you have no money raised to support the project, enter a zero on this line.

Q5: 4. Grant Request – Enter your request amount to the foundation based on realistic cost estimates and an understanding that the foundation will likely make grant recommendations based on prior experience with similar requests and limited funds available for approximately 15-20 organizations. Keep in mind that the foundation rarely makes grants that exceed 25% of an organization’s total operating budget. It also rarely funds start-up organizations with limited track records.

Q6: 5. Grant Period – Estimate the project period during which you hope to allocate funds from a grant. The grant period may or may not happen to correspond to your fiscal year budget. Concept applications received by January 1 will be considered for eligibility for the March 1 full proposal deadline. Grant payout for this cycle will be in June. Concept applications received by July 1 will be considered for eligibility for the September 1 full proposal deadline. Grant payout for this cycle will be in December. The foundation will not reimburse you for expenses incurred prior to an award.

Q7: 6. Organization Mission – (1000 characters)

Q8: 7. Project Summary / Abstract – Project summaries/abstracts are like mini-proposals. Good project abstracts highlight very specific project objectives, key activities, and expected outcomes. They identify the relevance of the project to individuals, organizations, the field, and the developing world. Project abstracts also specify in one sentence how the applicant plans to use the grant funds.

Q9: 8. Target Population – List the project’s specific target population, constituents, and geographic communities. Identify and quantify if possible the intended targets, beneficiaries, or participants of your project. This item helps the reader quickly understand the context, scope, and scale of your intervention in simple demographic, organizational, and geographic terms.

Q10: 9. Training Activities – For projects that do include training, state the number of persons to be trained and the length of training in days, weeks, or months. Applicants often forget to quantify the scope and scale of proposed training components in this section. Leave this section blank if you do not have a training component.

Q11: 10. Project Leaders – List the project leaders and their qualifications.

Q12: 11. Budget Summary – Provide a brief project budget summary that highlights the costs you will allocate to the proposed grant. You may upload a copy of the project budget if you already have one. You can also simply list your key line items below. Don’t worry about formatting.

Q13: 12. Proof of Charitable/Non-governmental Status (NON-U.S. organizations only) – The foundation can only make grants to charitable organizations, NGO’s, nonprofit organizations, and colleges and universities. It cannot support individuals, businesses, or government agencies. For all organizations that do not have 501(c)3 status as a nonprofit in the U.S. please upload copies of the equivalent certifications, registrations, or statements of nonprofit status for your country here.

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