Reporting Instructions (HTML)

When do I submit a report?

Returning applicants: If you are a current grantee and are reapplying for continued project support for the same project, you are required to submit an interim report when you submit your complete proposal. Please highlight your progress to date. The trustees are particularly interested in tangible measures of progress.

All completed projects: If you have finished a project and do not seek continued support within 20 months from the last grant, we ask you to submit a final report. A final report is a substantive record of the activities conducted and the products produced in all the years of your grant and how they met the goals set forth in your proposal.

Final grants: If the award letter for your current grant indicates that you received a final grant, please submit your final report by the deadline communicated in the letter.

Not sure?: If you are not sure which situation applies to you, please call and ask.

What is the report format?

All reports must be submitted on the online application portal. Log in to your account and you will see that a follow-up report has been (or soon will be) assigned under your most recent grant received.

Click “Edit” to access the report. All questions must be answered online with attention paid to the word count and file upload limits.

Both interim reports and final reports must answer the same questions, but the substance of each report will vary by report type.

What documents need to be uploaded?

Financial management and accountability: Please upload a completed Financial Status Report Form for the project. It should be a full accounting of all funds allocated to this project, itemized in categories as outlined in the approved proposal budget. (Please be advised that grant recipients need to keep a file of expenses, including receipts, which documents how the foundation’s funds were spent. This information should be kept on file for a minimum of four years.)

Photos, media, awards and accolades:  Though optional, we also enjoy reading any publications based on your work supported by the foundation. There are two fields to upload relevant publications, photos, and other materials you may wish to share with the foundation.

Thank you, and we look forward to sharing in the success of your program.

July 25 2012 08:35 pm