Application Form

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Who can apply?

Most types of non-governmental organizations can apply

  • Non-governmental organizations (NGO)
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Civil society organizations
  • Community-based organizations
  • Colleges, universities and academic institutions

Very small organizations are not a priority

  • The foundation rarely makes grants that exceed 25% of an organization’s total operating budget.

New organizations or start-ups are seldom funded

  • The foundation rarely funds start-up organizations with limited track records.

Grants mainly support projects in Africa, Asia, and Latin America

  • The Foundation does not support for projects in Europe, former Soviet-bloc countries or developed countries.

Who should not apply? 

The Foundation does not fund the following:

  • buildings, vehicles, land purchases or capital improvements
  • direct medical care or treatment at hospitals or clinics
  • medical equipment for hospitals or clinics
  • wells, pumps or water systems
  • emergency relief or humanitarian aid projects
  • microenterprise, tourism, job training or livelihood projects
  • feeding or food distribution programs
  • projects to improve farming for export crops
  • basic farming, beekeeping, chicken, or animal husbandry training projects
  • films, videos, books or websites
  • scholarships, fellowships, tuition or travel grants
  • conferences
  • general operating support
  • individuals, businesses, churches, government, orphanages and humanitarian aid agencies

Who will be competitive?

The foundation gives priority to projects that:

  • Ask difficult questions or test new solutions
  • Propose ambitious and measurable outcomes
  • Address regional or cross-boundary opportunities and challenges
  • Strengthen partnerships, coalitions or networks
  • Strengthen local leadership
  • Build scientific and technical capacity
  • Influence public debate and policy
  • Emphasize prevention rather over remediation or treatment

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November 02 2015 08:36 pm