Tips for Submitting a Concept Application

Review your eligibility and capacity to apply.

Study the guidelines and the application questions before you begin.  Half of all online applications are abandoned because applicants later realize that they may not be able to prepare a competitive application.

Register your organization with the Online Application System  

We do not accept applications via email.

Don’t have a U.S. charity number to register?

Type 12-1234567 instead.   The grants application system is not set up to accept international tax identification numbers.

If you are a non-US organization,  enter 12-1234567 to register.  This number is a “dummy” or fake number that will allow you to register your organization and begin an application.

Can’t find the access code or application form?

If you don’t see the concept application form, you probably did not enter “cfh2016” as the access code in the field on the top-right side of your screen after you registered and logged in.

Make a PDF of your application.

You can print out a copy of the proposal using the Print function.  Review your proposal draft before clicking “submit.”

Did we get it?

Once you click submit, your proposal is on its way – you can’t edit your draft any more.  You can log in to check the status of your proposal submission. You will also see the status of any other proposals you submitted online to the foundation using the system.  If you see a big mistake after you submit the application,  tell us and we will put your proposal back to DRAFT so you can fix it.

Need help with the application?  

Help is available between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. EST. Contact Carolyn Rau at

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