How to Apply On-Line

The foundation receives many more applications than its $800,000 of funds can support annually.

To reduce the number of applicants turned down for lack of available funds and to save time loss and expense to applicants, the foundation has adopted an online, two-phase application system comprised of a short concept application, followed by a limited number of invited full proposals.

To create a more manageable pool of applications for a thorough review by the trustees, this system screens out projects at the concept application level which appear unlikely to be competitive for funding at the time.

Many of you may not wish to apply and go through on-line application process after studying the guidelines and frequently asked questions on the website.  It is extremely competitive. Over 300 organizations apply each funding cycle and only a handful are invited to submit proposals.

2015-2017 Grant Cycle Timeline

2015-2017 Grant Cycle Timeline

Application & Review Process
Grant Round
Grant Round
Concept Application Deadline January 1 July 1
Request for Proposal Issued February 1 August 1
Proposal Deadline March 1 September 3
Grant Awards June 1 December 1


Application Steps

1. Read the instructions before you click the button! You can also increase your chance of success if you carefully download and review the Tips for Submitting a Concept Application.

2. Click Apply Now. Take note of the Access Code on the green button and then register to submit a concept application by going to the online grant application system:

CFH Access Code

3. Register. Prior to submitting a concept letter application through the foundation’s online grants system, applicants must complete a one-time registration. You will need to supply your contact information and create a password to log in to the system. The foundation prefers that the principal investigator or primary contact register. Be sure to save your password where you can find it again because you will need it if you are invited to submit a full proposal.

4. Start New Application. Once you are in the system, click Start New Application on the top left side of your screen.

5. Enter Access Code. Enter the initials: cfh2015 (all lowercase) as the Access Code box on the middle left side of your screen.

6. Click Link to Open Form. Click the link CFH Foundation to open the Concept Application Form. Click on Print Question Legend above your name to get a list of Concept Application questions with explanations.

7. Draft Application. Complete your online application. Save frequently. If you want to leave your application before it is complete, click on Save as Draft at the bottom of the screen. You can come back later and continue your application by signing in with your password and continuing to work on the application.

8. Click Submit Button When Complete. Your application must be submitted when you are done in order to remove it from draft status. After clicking submit, a new screen will appear confirming receipt of your application.

Assurances of nonprofit Status – If your organization does not have a U.S. 501(c)(3) designation, and you are not working with a registered U.S. organization that will act as your fiduciary, you must submit evidence of your charitable status in your country. Your official charitable designation certificate, translated into English if necessary, should be uploaded at the time of your registration in the online concept application process.

The concept application must be submitted via the online application system in English, and the budget information must be presented in U.S. dollars.

Deadlines for Concept Applications

Concept applications must be submitted by January 1 and July 1 in order to be reviewed for the foundation’s May and November meetings. In the case of a weekend or holiday, the deadline is the next business day.  Applicants will be informed of the foundation’s decision regarding the concept application within 30 days of the concept deadline. This schedule is designed to give each invited applicant adequate time to prepare the full proposal if invited by the trustees. Applicants should submit only one application per review cycle.

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